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Here you will find details of our unique kit boats, custom built timber boats, ready to sail super light super strong fibreglass boats plus our elegant electric boats.


Timber kits range from the 12-foot open Shimmy for 4  to the 24-foot Scintilla sleeping 6.

* Shimmy 12 * Scruffie 16 * Stornaway 18 * Secret 20 * Scintilla 24 *

* Stornaway 18 Weekender *


Our new super light, super strong fibreglass boats  Sienna 19 EX (the sailing expedition version) and Secret 33 are available  as sailing versions or as electric boats -  Sienna 19 Solar/Electric and Secret 33 Solar/Electric. They can comply with all international survey requirements and are suitable for commercial or private use.


Our craft are beautiful, stable, seakindly and surprisingly fast – see our reviews! Schools, outdoor education operators and naval cadets own and sail Scruffie Marine boats.


The innovative timber kit boats, designed, manufactured and fine-tuned in Australia since 1992, have been exported around the world, built and sailed by amateurs and professionals alike.


In addition to the standard range we offer a full consultation and custom design service from 60-foot houseboats and schooners, to electric passenger launches to 10-foot dinghies. If you have any questions or need any help in choosing your boat please email, phone or write to us and we will personally attend to your enquiry.



Cracking On

Good progress on the new ferries!

gunwale laminating

Gunwale laminating

Bracket details

Bracket details

Decks on

Decks on

The Little Ferries That Can

Secret 33s – the little ferries that can

Week ending 17 July 2015

Details Secret 33 solar-electric launch

The first of our new solar-electric water limos is rapidly taking shape. Kevyn Townley’s visionary concept for Western Australia is being realised in our Tamborine Mountain yard.

This week the laminated red cedar deck trims and the first of the canopy support posts have been fitted to Secret No 1 while Secret No 2 is catching up fast.

Keep up to date on the building of Perth’s firs electric ferries here on the website, follow us on Facebook, and check out the Little Ferry  Company’s Kickstarter campaign.


Secret 33 photo 91


Secret 33 photo 93


Secret 33 photo 95


Secret 33 photo 96


Secret 33 photo 97

Secret 33

She’s going to be fast!

The new Secret 3 still wears her mould bracing but we’re delighted to see her the right way up. Can’t wait to get the keel on and rig her as an outrageously over-canvassed gaff cutter but first the two electric ferries are to be completed – same hull but with skeg keel and different power supply.


secret 33 1

Easter 2015 Scruffie Marine celebrates 25 years

scruffie number 1

Derek, Chris and Andrew sail the very first Scruffie 16 in 1990


Derek Ellard reflects . . .

Life in our miniscule part of the universe is subject to linear time and punctuated by an infinite number of significant events, some clearly signposted, others as a result of the toss of a coin. Particle physics or fascinating multiverse theories aside, it’s what we live with.

Some of our life chapters start with an explosive fanfare of fate, some creep up on us in the shadows. It is how we react that is important, we can wallow in a self-indulgent funk or we can stride forward with confidence.

Scruffie Marine started after a perfect storm of multi-adversity but our 25th Anniversary this month is founded on unwavering persistence, hard work and unshakable confidence – we chose to stride. Our first boat slipped off a makeshift trailer into the water on Easter Saturday 1990 and now, 327 boats later, we’re still here.

The name Scruffie was chosen by a Courier-Mail journalist who asked “well what kind of boat is it, then?”

“It’s a simple no frills knockabout family sailing boat you can build from a kit” I replied, then adding something like “a boat that doesn’t stand on ceremony.”

“A bit scruffy, then?”

“Well yes.”

“OK, a scruffy boat then” he said as he scribbled away on a dog-eared notebook. Later I spelt it with an “ie” to make it, well, less scruffy . . . . We’ve often thought of changing it – the joke quickly wore thin but re-branding is a costly exercise and you’d have to re-brand the designer too – something he wouldn’t take kindly to. Besides, the customers just won’t have it. Read more soon on the blog.

Midnight Pearl

The new Secret 33 gaff yawl is being built to exacting standards and will be used as a plug for a GRP mould. Once completed, the Pearl’s hull will be put into storage while two new solar-electric launches are built for service on the Swan River.

The new solar-electric Secret 33 will carry 12 passengers in whisper quiet comfort and be based in in Perth’s CBD. An exciting project to mark our 25th Anniversary!

Details Midnight Pearl


secret33 1


secret33 2


secret33 3

Friday While!

Friday 3 October

Blue Peter shoved off their newest Sienna on a Gold Coast summer day blessed with perfect sailing conditions . . . . 1 blue sky, 1 Stornaway, 2 Siennas, 15 knots and 15 students from around the world – a perfect day out.


See the Facebook page for more photos


*”Friday While” is an old navy term for a long weekend and the name of designer Derek Ellard’s father’s first boat, launched 60 years ago.


p1000332 mod web2


p1000286 web2


p1000306 mod web2