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Here you will find details of our unique kit boats, custom built timber boats, ready to sail super light super strong fibreglass boats plus our elegant electric boats.


Timber kits range from the 12-foot open Shimmy for 4  to the 24-foot Scintilla sleeping 6.

* Shimmy 12 * Scruffie 16 * Stornaway 18 * Secret 20 * Scintilla 24 *

* Stornaway 18 Weekender *


Our new super light, super strong fibreglass boats  Sienna 19 EX (the sailing expedition version) and Secret 33 are available  as sailing versions or as electric boats -  Sienna 19 Solar/Electric and Secret 33 Solar/Electric. They can comply with all international survey requirements and are suitable for commercial or private use.


Our craft are beautiful, stable, seakindly and surprisingly fast – see our reviews! Schools, outdoor education operators and naval cadets own and sail Scruffie Marine boats.


The innovative timber kit boats, designed, manufactured and fine-tuned in Australia since 1992, have been exported around the world, built and sailed by amateurs and professionals alike.


In addition to the standard range we offer a full consultation and custom design service from 60-foot houseboats and schooners, to electric passenger launches to 10-foot dinghies. If you have any questions or need any help in choosing your boat please email, phone or write to us and we will personally attend to your enquiry.



Shimmys Shipped Out

January 2016

Two Shimmys off to their new homes – we built Shimmy number 86 for a Gold Coast couple – have a look at our Facebook SCRUFFS page to see the launch. This one in bottle green with a creamy sage interior set off by some nice clear Hoop Pine. We like Hoop, it’s a tough, durable pine which matures to a deep honey colour. This was a lightweight version with a performance rig – the sails are larger with a battened main. 


shimmy 86 1


shimmy 86 3      shimmy 86 2


Shimmy number 87 is a beautiful kit for a WA student who will build his boat for a Year 12 project. This kit, also a lightweight version, has a number of modifications to help her young skipper sail single-handed – he already has some adventures planned – we’ll keep you posted.


shimmy 87 1

Farewell Ferry No 1

This boat didn't exist a year ago! Now No 1 is set to begin her duties changing the water world of Perth.

Solar-electric, it's elementary – 15 hours' range, 7.8 knots flat out, cruise at 6 knots with 12 on board.

The looks of the Roaring Twenties, the power of the Twenty Twenties.


Secret 33 Ferry img 296


297 web      298 web


277 web    280 web    285 web

Secret 33 Launch

Secret 33solar-electric was launched Wednesday 21 October - we're overjoyed with her performance and she's not yet realised her full potential - more soon.


Secret 33 launch

Friday While!

Friday 3 October

Blue Peter shoved off their newest Sienna on a Gold Coast summer day blessed with perfect sailing conditions . . . . 1 blue sky, 1 Stornaway, 2 Siennas, 15 knots and 15 students from around the world – a perfect day out.


See the Facebook page for more photos


*”Friday While” is an old navy term for a long weekend and the name of designer Derek Ellard’s father’s first boat, launched 60 years ago.


p1000332 mod web2


p1000286 web2


p1000306 mod web2