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Scruffie Marine’s unique kit sailing boats, custom built timber boats, ready to sail fibreglass boats, and elegant solar-electric boats, designed by Derek Ellard, have been in production for over 30 years, developed in-house and built with care, the boats are a joy to sail, and beautifully styled in the spirit of tradition. Our new updated range of kits will offer a complete premium package of pre-cut, pre-shaped components, resins, sails, custom fittings - everything you need - and the best instruction package including a direct line to the designer. Beautiful boats better than ever!

In addition, we are developing a new range of practical sailing cargo ships with electric auxiliaries. Visit the website to keep up to date with this exciting zero-emission project.




JULY 2022
The kit production side of the business has been sold to the Noakes Group headed by well-known Yachtsman Sean Langman. The agreement was that I would be retained to oversee the new operation and my vision remains the creation of a future-focussed “Centre for Sustainable Boating” with upgraded production, updated boats, new models and accessories such as our retractable electric pod-drive.

Another element could be the development and manufacture of ships’ boats for our zero-emission cargo ships. www.gosailcargo.com The boats have been designed for multiple roles in private and commercial sectors. Our proposed green tourist and solar/electric hire boats are also possibilities.

The current challenges facing the marine business sector are such however, that the relocation is still on hold but Sean is happy to support the involvement of other parties in setting up the new business, provisionally based at the historic Woolwich Dock on Sydney Harbour.

We remain open to all possibilities and welcome participation of any kind in the creation of a collectively owned centre dedicated to sustainable sailing and global expansion.

Email me at derek@scruffie.com

Sailing Kate Louise 5 February 2022

10 February 2022
Here is another excellent video by Stornaway owner Paul . . . "Dinghy Cruising at it's best." For more of his videos go to YouTube video channel Sailing Kate Louise