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Secret 20 and Stornaway 18


Scruffie Marine’s unique kit sailing boats, custom built timber boats, ready to sail fibreglass boats, and elegant solar-electric boats, designed by Derek Ellard, have been in production for over 30 years, developed in-house and built with care, the boats are a joy to sail, and beautifully styled in the spirit of tradition.

Now a new era begins – the production of all kit boats is in the capable hands of No Coast Boatworks in the USA. With new ownership comes a completely updated and improved range. With No Coast Boatworks comes a new CNC router, new premises and assistance from the designer, with every aspect of the boats now enhanced for better performance and easier, faster building.
Contact: info@nocoastboatworks.com


Great News

January 2024
The news is wonderful! We are delighted to welcome No Coast Boatworks as new owners of Scruffie Marine’s kit business. It’s taken a while to get everything packed and shipped to the States and the unloading and production set-up is still underway. They are working hard to ensure that your new boat is the best there is.
Contact Michael and Todd: info@nocoastboatworks.com

Go Sail Cargo

January 2024
Derek is forging ahead with new designs, not only for No Coast Boatworks, but also for Go Sail Cargo.


Sailing Kate Louise  February 2024

February 2024
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